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tv   Headline News  RT  May 27, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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mapping out the road to peace in syria russia's foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state are meeting to push for an international conference on the ongoing deadly conflict. comes amid growing fears the violence could spread across the region after a rocket was fired from lebanon into israel following two shells which landed in beirut also trade the peace german chancellor angela merkel hosts the chinese pm as the e.u. threatens beijing. unfairly selling products below their real value.
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welcome you watching our take with me and very far. now the conflict in syria and ways to stop the ongoing civil war are the focus of talks between moscow and washington russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet in paris to prepare a conference on syria planned for next month this comes as tension grows in the region with neighboring states already involved artie's tom barton has the details . kerry and lavrov have been trying to arrange a peace conference in june in geneva to try and get bashar al assad's government and syrian rebel groups to sit down around the same table it is their second meeting following on from one to three weeks earlier in moscow in principle both
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groups have agreed to come to this peace conference but there may be problems there are rifts amongst the syrian rebel movement and the central rebel demands that bashar al assad step down may create a deadlock both saudi arabia and iran have also been asked to attend this conference by russia france has voiced concerns about iran attending there have been major differences between the u.s. and russia u.s. congress committee has voted in favor of proposed legislation that if it was passed on the long road through congress would allow the u.s. to supply weapons to syrian rebel groups the e.u. group of foreign ministers is also meeting to discuss a proposal by the u.k. and france to possibly lift the e.u. use them bargo of weapons supplies to syria also would have been recent media reports that s three hundred missiles on the way to syria supplied by russia may
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have been withheld there has been major differences between russia and the u.s. however they do agree that negotiations may still have a chance to make an impact. newmar fear is the conflict in syria could be spilling into neighboring countries have and once again being stopped in recent cross border violence a rocket has apparently been fired from lebanon towards israel followed two shells landing in a hezbollah controlled area of beirut after the group reiterated its support for the asaad government syrian rebel fighters have denied any involvement but middle east expert at least feels what they say can't always be trusted some members of the free syrian army deny that however there was one official who said that hezbollah are you know its activity will lead to repercussions that would target by the northern city of tripoli and beirut international airport and that perhaps is
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an indicator of what some of these armed opposition groups of these syrian opposition groups are indeed involved in what happened you have to remember that the free syrian army years and to the one block so if one spokesman denies that it might very well be that are not the opposition are opposition group which also use of title the free syrian army could have been involved in one of the rockets even landed here near of church of lies on the border between the southern beirut and the christian district so obviously this is not an attack on a husband lobbyists or a possible law institution it's a clearly an act of terrorism against innocent civilians on an inhabited area and so i think it just goes through the nature of these groups who we are dealing with . the u.s. enjoys a vast military presence worldwide and recently president obama unveiled a new face to the war on terror defending america's overseas policies but there are more questions about the legal basis for this military activity when the u.s.
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is fighting wars under the cover of military threats again as this report. president obama in his major national security speech this may quoted james madison saying no nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare at the very same time the administration claims power to wage endless war across the globe there was a senate hearing this may revisiting the authorization for use of military force which congress enacted days after nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one at the hearing pentagon officials claimed that authorization gives the president power to wage endless war anywhere in the world including syria yemen and the congo and when asked how long they predict this war on terror is going to last they said quote from ten to twenty years and one way of understanding this is you say ten to twenty years when you see no end in sight here's a clip from that hearing the you agree with me that when it comes to international terrorism we're talking about a war one struggle. absolutely sure that would you agree with me the battlefield is
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wherever the enemy chooses to make it. is sir from boston the to the fuck i couldn't agree with you more do you agree with the general. the enemy of the troops so by the administration's definition the wall that is the battlefield with me today is brian becker with the answer coalition brian thanks for joining bryan you have president obama saying that his national security speech that the u.s. is not engaged in a boundless war and yet you have this vast military presence across the globe washington post cited a senior administration official who said u.s. special operations forces were active in seventy five countries to that you had the drone strikes and new drone bases does it look like the u.s. this really seeking to limit itself in the use of military force no in fact the policy in the institutional policy is for the united states then it would be prepared for endless war but they're being engaged in all of the activities that
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would lead one to believe that they are an endless war there's one point three million u.s. military personnel three hundred to four hundred thousand of them are overseas there's nine hundred military bases the united states spends not five hundred twenty five billion which is the defense department budget but really about a trillion dollars on warfare that's greater than the next sixteen nations combined we see an integrated network of bases now drone bases growing increasingly this is to have a full spectrum domination using the military as the club the administration argues that all their military actions in the countries that the u.s. is not at war with are perfectly legal under the u.s. congress it's authorization for use of military force that's their legal justification for continuing all these attacks what about international law well international law has been shredded by the so-called global war on terrorism or the authorization bill that allows the u.s. to invade any country bomb any country and kill whoever it wants the u.n.
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charter is quite clear. the united states like all other member nations of the united nations can only go to war in gage and more engage in military activity. as an act of imminent self-defense in other words the defense from an imminent threat but in fact the united states by arrogating to absolve the right to war anywhere against anyone all the time is clearly in violation of international law while president obama says the administration does not violate anybody's sovereignty because it operates in consultation with the governments concerned the whole population of pakistan their parliament unanimously the monthly oppose drone strikes and yet they continue so maybe the administration is in consultation with the government there but certainly not the people i'm going to check on me today was brian becker with the answer coalition from our studio in washington thanks for watching. so he's president obama really a catalyst for change or does he pursue the same goals as his predecessors that is the question posed in cross talk today with debate centering on the u.s. president's foreign policy is a quick preview. we think it's
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a very like nixon to bush obama there's really not much of a comparison we do have something like an imperial presidency now where i don't know if i'd go that far i would say obama you know he was swept into power in two thousand and eight as a you know on change on hope he was really idealistic so originally he had foreign policies that were very different from what what what had happened in the past and he was saying we shouldn't gauge with so-called rogue states he was saying that we should make this huge effort to engage the muslim world and so he gave a very famous speech in cairo he even went into the very same course saying the u.s. policy on israel by really pushing the israelis to do more and on settlements and he wanted to be strategically deep relationship with pakistan but all of that basically didn't work out i. mean you can watch the full episode of crosstalk in just over an hour's time here on our. also coming
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up u.k. industry getting back on its feet. one. with a coal mine still what full scale now makes the thing at the park we've come here to the northeast of the country to find out the impact of the death of that old industry. oh why the new signs of life approving so bold. and digital dissent drop yourself into the heart of any riots in the world from the safety of your own home we'll tell you just after this break.
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welcome back. berlijn is maneuvering to avoid a looming trade war between beijing and the us charts langley merkel hosts the new chinese premier germany's the only either destination on his trip and comes after the you threatened trade tariffs against china for pricing key products to cheaply artie's peter oliver has been following the talks between the economic giants of europe and asia. the new chinese prime minister is in germany for talks with chancellor angela merkel and trade set to dominate those talks last year alone germany exported around sixty seven billion euros worth of goods to china and they want to see that increase in the future and dylan merkel it has in the past made no secret about her want to call the chinese markets last year she visited beijing twice within the space of seven months and she's wanting to make sure that the trade can be done between the two countries especially considering germany's
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traditional markets in europe do appear to be drying up the financial crisis meaning that those countries in europe that were previously buying german exports will really can't afford to do that at the moment she also perhaps has an eye on the future in a potential british exit from the european union that could see over seventy billion euros worth of exports put into doubt if great britain wasn't part of the trade union or that is the a u for the chinese they want to do more business with germany germany is one of the few countries that is kept its head above water when it's come to this financial crisis they have also that means that they're one of the few countries economically that can afford to buy more and more chinese exports so that's why we're seeing the world's second largest economy in china courting europe's largest economy in germany to try and mutually to increase mutually beneficial trade between the two countries. well the european commission is pushing
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the block's members to get engaged in talks with china which could pave the way to a free trade deal chinese direct investment could bring around two hundred billion euros in fresh capital capital to europe this year a figure double the money paid by the e.u. to rescue greece a recent studies show ninety seven percent of chinese companies operating in europe are planning to increase their current investment levels however more than three quarters complained that the a huge bureaucracy and high costs are invading their business political an issue and yawning says chinese money is crucial for debt stricken europe the recent statistics show that china has increasingly being active in investing in europe therefore investment from china is very important or has become very important for some e.u. economies in. kind of recovery that's not surprising that
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a number of you politicians or government leaders actually go to china for some kind of help you is very important for china in terms of strategic relationship but there was also most importantly in trade an economic relationship and germany is the biggest kind of trading partner of china of all you countries and strategically also important the row therefore it's not surprising the prime minister. chooses to visit germany. as the first you country he visited. be more british industrial output has been forecast performing stronger than expected but as r.t. sara firth reports why it might have dispelled some clouds above the u.k. economy the road to recovery will be long and hard. britain's industry seems to be showing some signs of life recent figures from the office for national statistics
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show industrial production is up which some of seen as a sign the u.k. might be slowly bringing itself back from the brink of another recession but renowned historian nicholas comfort has mapped the decline of the once industrial giant and says that when it comes to industry the k. is still falling far behind the global competition have been massive individual companies the second largest manufacturing power in the world in terms of exports we had a massive car industry a huge aircraft industry we will world leaders in computing and nuclear power. over that period pretty well all of this is evaporated along with the loss of great british press and britain has gone from having the majority of its workforce in manufacturing to having little over ten percent so just how did this happen you know this clear need for all industries to keep being updated and relevant and the
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way to do that is to work closely with the workforce and to ensure that there is that modernization basically happened was the life support was turned off for many . industries looted by the seemingly easy cash of the cities finance industry passed governments dismantled largest ways of british industry arguing they were no longer profitable or here in the northeast that heavy industry is a huge point of pride when the coal mines in the still works in the shipyards with dismantled it wasn't just the loss of the industry it was a huge emotional loss as well and it's one that many here have never really recovered from in the aftermath of the industrial collapse for skilled labor workforce there was little else today that it is evident with the northeast suffering from the highest unemployment in the country. motion the shipyards and factories and all i can the store. effect. but don't seem to be
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picking up things simply because more difficult especially for people. but along with the recent beast in manufacturing figures there are signs that things could be looking up the regions on your leg sports have almost doubled in the last five years enabling job creation in areas such as the car industry recent industrial resurrections might not be enough to replace what once was but it is at least an attempt to breathe life back into areas such as this and for many in the communities here that could prevent a welcome lifeline sarah firth r.t. in the north east of england. let's have a quick look at some other international news making headlines this hour one hundred thousand strong protests against france's new gay marriage bill spiraled into full on violence in the capital on sunday right wing demonstrators clashed with police who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas over three hundred fifty
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demonstrating were arrested and thirty five more were injured president francois hollande has been accused from both sides using the gay marriage bill to avoid the heat of his economic policy failures. more than two thousand people marched through london on sunday to commemorate the soldier today by muslim extremists last week the rally was the organizers by a group which has been accused of having links with the far right the daylight. sparked a wave of national pride test by the country's extreme right wing despite the unanimous condemnation of the attack by british representatives of. preventative measures need to be taken to ensure border security after foreign troops leave afghanistan that was the message from a key regional security summit today in the capital of kyrgyzstan while the us military base that man ass use resurfaced afghanistan missions also faces an uncertain future with the biggest bands plans to close it in july next year despite
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the us paying handsomely to keep it open many believe its operation does more harm than good. has the story. three weeks after u.s. military refueling plane went down in the mountains of kurdistan people in the nearby villages are still reeling from the effects of the crash but it went into the mountains right into three fresh water springs where villages get their drinking water the fuel leaked into the streams and now it's impossible to drink i have the official conclusion of an inspection of this water is too polluted to drink people now say their livestock beginning to get sick and when americans came here to get the wreckage they drove right over our pastors and fields the k c one thirty five straight a tanker was one of the planes station to the airbase which for a decade has been a major hub for the u.s. led war in afghanistan the base was renamed under the government of president to
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rid of any association with another country's military presence on the ground some thought that the heated debate surrounding the. window once it was are named into a transit center changing the nature of its activity but the people in surrounding towns and villages say nothing has changed and they continue to feel the negative effects of the american presence no matter how much money poured into kurdistan's economy the people still want the u.s. base off their land washington shells out sixty million dollars a year on the lease and wants to extend the deal but the kurdish government has already announced the plans to evict their merican in june of next year once the lease expires the decision could be attributed to the vocal opposition to the base many have expressed over the decade often questioning just what exactly is going on . in the course of all these years the kurgan's government never once inspected the base they have absolutely no control over what's going on there and
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what kind of operations the base is engaged in americans are the sole bosses of the facility on top of that i'd like to point out that money is the country's main civil aviation airport and it is being used. for military purposes. the u.s. would be hard pressed to find a better location afghanistan china and iran are all within easy reach it's the spot on the map that's therefore difficult for washington to let go and this puts kurdistan in a very precarious position. to know the risks of the. people. by possibly being dragged into a larger war there's a possibility of course to recapture control of the country and it's. the ferghana valley and eventually a flight. destabilization that has afflicted afghanistan so the destabilization politically and security wise in the region is hardly worth the
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. going to return for a comparatively small sum of money tensions have existed since the start confrontations between locals and military personell have a least once turned fatal when it curtis lorry driver was shot dead by one of the bases guards who believed him to be a threat but it's thing vironment the tops the long list of complaints about the effects the american transit center has in the region. because experts say planes have to land with their fuel tanks nearly empty so they just dump the fuel over the place mostly in our lowlands and in the mountains in one town even the trees don't grow any more. u.s. officials say any problems are more than compensated for with a huge annual investment into kurdistan's economy which has surpassed one hundred million dollars annually for the past four years but money locals never see means little to the carcass people who describe the treatment they receive from the u.s. military personnel as derogatory and would much rather see their crops grow than
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have another plane spilling fuel into their drinking water in kurdistan in the r.t.e. . now have you ever wanted to take to the streets in protest at an important cause or perhaps joins you clearly services to try to restore the peace will soon you'll be able to do both with a new right video game giving you the opportunity to be on either side of the barricades with that putting yourself in direct danger to explain is alexy. soon you will be able to take part in a street protest from the comfort of your armchair coming out for handheld devices and p.c.'s is the first riot simulator game wrapped in pixel graphics an old school sounds it will let you choose sides protesters or the police and help violent havoc unfold in the streets of european cities the game's designers say they have taken part in real life protests in italy so they floated this game to tell the true tale of global uprisings stop listening to the lies of the media shut down the
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television and get yourself in the line to fight for your freedom of speech is the message on the games website moreover the designers claim they are documenting eyewitness accounts to make the gameplay as real as possible and to answer many questions like what triggers acts of violence and what do cops feel when an angry mob attacks a game like this would probably have raised eyebrows a few years ago but today the world sees protests on almost a daily basis to a large extent street riots have become a popular media tool music stars film videos with violent street skirmishes and hollywood makes entire movies about street movements scenes of rallies worldwide are ever present on t.v. screens which breeds a feeling that street upheaval is no longer something out of the ordinary the masterminds of the new addition to the whole protest many say their app is more about education than entertainment that i called one of the designers writing is an experience that needs to be lived and of quote and despite the fact that game hasn't been yet released it's already promises to be
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a hit judging by the hundreds of thousands of views of its trailer and the developers easily managed to get funding for the game online the rides better version is expected to be available within a few months. now be back with more for you in about half an hour's time. a u.s. senate committee has passed a bill that if signed by obama will allow the u.s. to put a lot of weapons into the hands of syrian rebels this seems rather odd because many of the factions that are revolting seem like bad people to be arming in fact one rebel faction al nasra which according to the guardian is an islamist organization with links to al qaeda is quickly becoming the most powerful rebel faction of all of them the b.b.c. even declared that al nasra has been designated as
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a terrorist organization by the us government itself as it started something like a bad idea to ship weapons into syria on american taxpayers' dollars yet let's just pretend that somehow all these weapons will magically not fall into the hands of al nasra well the free syrian army is that much better they seem perfectly happy to use rape and beheadings and genocide against christian alawite minorities with great glee to get what they want arming radical groups always has blowback if you remember back to just the one nine hundred eighty s. the u.s. funded and armed the taliban and those mujahedeen fighter guys and look how that turned out the u.s. government seems way too eager to arm radical foreigners and disarm average americans when they should be doing the exact opposite but that's just my opinion.
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and i welcome to the action packed show with me take the train and here's a taste of what's to come. the champion's eye and robin school as the late winner is brian munich resi endorsement to want to wembley to win the european cup for the fifth time. while europe will run with the top and bottom two already confirmed it was a scramble to get into europe turn to avoid the relegation play offs on the last day in the russian premier league. and loads of the ring alexander given gallacher returned to tame bob the beef fat but bad akari such as a shock defeat on a night of talk may action in moscow. but first a football whereby in munich won the champions league with a thrilling last gasp two one win over brasil dortmund in the first ever all german
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european cup final at wembley because they were brought up off reports from london by in munich came into the fore and on the back of a seventy legged stunning or barcelona while dortmund saw real madrid for three to prove the triumph of german efficiency over spanish flair on the european stage and after two seasons of dortmund supremacy in the bundesliga boy and also regaining this year's the mystic title the twenty third in their history. the minute jones finished the season twenty five points ahead of their rivals and arrived at their third champions league final in four years as hold favorites but thousands of fans of the yellow and blacks could come to london what desperate to help their side clinched their first european crown since one thousand nine to seven. legendary boy in defender and german captain franz back in one three straight european cups with munich in the nineteen seventies that kaiser was taking points.